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RF (Radio Frequency) PCB for base stations supporting 5G as the key infrastructure for the 4th industrial revolution

According to 5G introduction and ultra-miniature trend, the industry of wireless base station has been emerged as the major topic. The wireless base stations perform the relay role to enable communication between mobile object and exchange station within a particular range, where demands for RRH (Remote Radio Head) and BBU (Base Band Unit) hold the majority. Radio Frequency PCB takes the role of transmitting/receiving radio waves, requiring technological knowhow regarding the production of special materials and heat dissipation from products. In preparation for the technological change according to 5G introduction, ISU PETASYS is concentrating on continuous R&D and trying to secure a new growth foundation.


Product Image

Layer Structure

Item Specification
Thickness 2.9mm
PCB Size 298×310mm
DHS(Min) Φ0.25
Layer Count 8L
Surface Finish ENIG
Special Coin, Depth Milling