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You can conveniently consult or report corporate and HR issues, complaints, and ethics management activities online.

Employees can report grievances related to working conditions, HR issues, sexual harassment in workplace, etc.
(HR issues / complaints)

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Grievance Counseling

Any stakeholder can report unethical conduct including unfair handling of business, bribery, corruption, etc.
(ethics management)

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Whistle Blowing

Subject of Reports

[Grievances about]

ㆍWorking conditions
ㆍPersonnel appointments
ㆍSexual harassment in the workplace
ㆍComplaints about other personal problems

[Whistle blowing about]

ㆍReceiving or giving bribes with stakeholders
ㆍUnfair handling of business with suppliers
ㆍImproper gains or use of corporate assets

Reporting Principle

[Grievance Counseling]

ㆍAny confidential or private information from grievance report will not be disclosed.
ㆍA grievance reporter can refuse to disclose (partially or fully) information that he/she provided.
ㆍBased on the principle of grievance

[Whistle blowing]

ㆍAll reports/results are handled confidentially; nondisclosure of reporter's identification is guaranteed
ㆍ Please do not report a groundless slander or abuse.

How To Report

Select the most convenient way to report your grievance or whistle-blowing. We recommend you to use 'online reporting'. Please write your report with specific information including reporter name, subject of reporting, details of accident with 5W1H.

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