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CSR Strategy and Policy

ISU PETASYS has established a system to implement CSR strategies so that it can meet the demand for corporate social responsibility and strengthen its socially responsible management at the company level. The company reviews the annual performance based on the action plans and performance indicators for six strategic tasks, and constantly improves the plans for the strategic implementation of CSR activities by each department. The company reinforces the CSR management in the fields of environment, ethics, and human rights so that all employees can internalize the value and standard of behavior for the promotion of CSR activities.

CSR Roadmap

CSR Committee

ISU PETASYS has operated the CSR Committee that consists of the CEO and executives in charge of each sector as a subcommittee of the Board of Directors to incorporate the CSR activities into corporate strategy and management. The CSR Committee deliberates the CSR strategies and policies, reviews the accomplishments of CSR activities, and discusses risks and opportunities from the CSR perspective in the top decision-making process. Moreover, the CSR Committee Secretariat (Planning & Cooperation team) takes the lead in integrating and managing the activities in the fields of human rights and labor, environmentㆍsafetyㆍhealth (ESH), fair operation, product, social contribution, and CSR governance.