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In the ever-changing society with the development of IT technology, technology-intensive businesses are faced with constant changes and challenges. The business environment has become more complex; the PCB industry has been separated into a low-growth market and a high-growth market according to items, and the standards of product evaluation, such as quality, price, and date of delivery, have been more strengthened.

Our Approach

ISU PETASYS is actively responding to market changes through constant R&D efforts and business innovation. The company is paving the way for sustainable growth and contributing to the industry development by enhancing its competitiveness in the main market and entering into new business areas with strong growth potential.

Securing Business Competitiveness

In an increasingly complicated business environment, ISU PETASYS has secured its business competitiveness by differentiating core technologies, improving product competitiveness, and strengthening customer relationships.

Differentiated core technologies

ISU PETASYS believes that there is nothing as honest as technology. The company is committed to conducting R&D and technology innovation to develop differentiated technologies, and to securing leading technologies to develop high value-added products in the PCB industry.

World-class product competitiveness

The quality, date of delivery, and price of products are the important factors to determine the competitiveness. With regard to this, therefore, ISU PETASYS has established business objectives and implemented strategic tasks, which include expanding investment to enhance product quality, establishing a system to shorten delivery time, and securing price competitiveness.

Close partnership with customers

In the PCB industry where every product is made to order, increasing customer satisfaction by strengthening the responsibility for products is the source of sustainable business. ISU PETASYS is promptly responding to customer needs and strengthening its business competitiveness through close customer relationships.