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IC Tester PCB for inspection of semiconductors

IC Tester checks whether semiconductor chips can correctly carry out their functions in the wafer & package condition during semiconductor process and determines the presence of any defects. It plays the role of minimizing losses due to defects by early evaluation on the function and reliability of semiconductor. To secure the driving force for the new growth based on ultra-multilayer technology competence, ISU PETASYS has entered IC Tester PCB market and concentrated on continuous product development. The technology and experience accumulated in new domain through challenge will be reflected on the existing network business to expect the creation of a synergy.


Probe Card connects semiconductor chips with test equipment. The probe pin mounted on the Probe Card contacts on a wafer to be used for sorting defective semiconductor chips.

Product Image

Layer Structure

Item Specification
Thickness 6.2mm
PCB Size 480×480mm
DHS(Min) Φ0.2
Layer Count 82L
Surface Finish ENIG