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PCB for network equipment playing the key role for internet, wired & wireless communication

ISU PETASYS applies world best level of Ultra-multilayer PCB manufacturing technologies for the network equipment requiring high performance, high integration, and high reliability, due to the faster and safer communication without interruption under the flooding network traffic environments.


These are network equipments to connect LAN with LAN or LAN with WAN. Router is an equipment playing the role of a guide to ensure appropriate communication among several networks by mainly taking charge of outside communication networks. Unlike Router, Switch is an equipment taking charge of the independent network where input speed is guaranteed without delay even when communication volumes are increased by guaranteeing the rated communication capacity despite crowding of several packets in the packet transmission path.

Product Image

Layer Structure

Item Specification
Thickness ~4.5mm
PCB Size ~510×660mm
DHS(Min) Φ0.2
Layer Count ~40L
Surface Finish OSP, ENIG, Immersion Silver/Tin