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ESH Policies (Environment & Safety & Health Policy)

ISU PETASYS is a production company specializing in ultra-high multi-layer printed circuit boards. We recognize environment, safety, and health as the top priorities of the company throughout our business activities and establish ESH policies as follows to minimize the impact of organizational activities, products, and services on ESH in operating the ESH management system.

● Compliance with ESH (Environment & Safety & Health) legislation and other requirements
● Continuous ESH risk improvement
● Minimize environmental pollution and establish zero-accident workplaces
● Sustainable resource utilization and climate change mitigation
● Strengthen safety and health cooperation system through active consultation and participation of workers

To ensure the will and clarity of ESH management to all workers and stakeholders, the policy is announced through education and posting. In addition, in order to achieve the ESH policy, ESH goals are set as follows, and the best efforts are made to establish and implement detailed goals that can be implemented for each organization.

● Major industrial accident ZERO
● Environmental Accidents ZERO

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ISO 14001

ISO 45001