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The PCB industry witnesses stricter standards for quality evaluation from the perspective of roduct responsibility as key components of all electrical equipments and electronic appliances, and also fiercer competition to secure share of customer. The audits on the production process have been conducted with the consideration of social and environmental impact from the purchase of raw materials, and prompt response to customer requests has become more important for business.

Our Approach

ISU PETASYS has strengthened quality management throughout the production process, and promptly responded to customer requests according to the internal policies and systems for product responsibility. Moreover, the company objectively evaluates and manages the factors that can affect customer satisfaction and strives to maintain and reinforce the cooperation with customers.

Management System

Throughout the production process, ISU PETASYS has operated the quality management system to enhance the quality and safety of products and to preemptively respond to customer requests. The company complies with the product environmental regulations at home and abroad; manages the entire process from raw materials to product according to the internal quality management policies. The company encourages to provide the best quality and services.

Quality Certification

ISU PETASYS has earned various certifications from international certificate agencies. ISU PETASYS is estimated as the compnay which perfectly meets the global standard of domestic and foreign customers and insituitions.

Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction

In the PCB industry where every product is made to order, listening to customer opinions and responding to customer requests in a prompt manner are considered very important. In this regard, ISU PETASYS regularly visits its customers and listens to their requirements: the customer-contact personnel in the plants or offices in Korea, the U.S, China and Asian region promptly respond to the requests of customers. In particular, the company has established a system for rapid response to customer requests upon the occurrence of requests for technical support or any issues.

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

ISU PETASYS has conducted a regular evaluation of customer satisfaction according to the items of on-time delivery, service & flexibility, technical support, quality, and cost, etc. For some major customers, the item of sustainability is added to evaluate their CSR activities.