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Technologies that make life more convenient and abundant come into existence thanks to people who dedicated themselves to the development and production of products. In the PCB industry where technology is equal to core competitiveness, human resources are the source of corporate value, implying that securing the talent and creating a good working environment are more important than anything else.

Our Approach

ISU PETASYS appreciates and promotes the value of respect for human rights throughout all of the activities in the company. The company strives to foster the talent and create a good working environment where all employees can display their capabilities to the utmost based on the respect for human rights and labor

Human Rights Policy

ISU PETASYS has established human rights and labor policies by identifying a potential negative impact of its business activities on human rights and integrating the general principles of human resources and labor. The human rights and labor policies specify the regulations on forced labor and child labor, discrimination, working hours, wages, and benefits based on the respect for all employees as decent human beings. Moreover, the freedom of association, protection of maternity, settlement of grievances and development of the talent are also included in the policies. ISU PETASYS is doing its utmost to establish a ‘Great Workplace’ with a HR department consisting of HRM and HRD expert.

Respect for Human Rights

In an effort to internalize the value of respect for human rights in the organizational activities and business operations, ISU PETASYS has provided a number of training programs on human rights. Since establishing the code of ethics and principles of respect for human rights in 2015, the company has held a ceremony where all employees pledge to respect human rights on a regular basis, and also provided training programs for all employees to create a corporate culture of respecting human rights.

Employee Grievance

ISU PETASYS has established and operated the employee grievance system. All grievances are addressed by the Employee Grievance Committee appointed according to the grievance regulations in a fair and objective manner. The cyber channel that titled "Online Hotline (grievance counseling)" on the company's website enhanced the accessibility for employees: grievances can be anonymous. Employees are allowed to file their grievances according to categories, including working conditions, personnel management, performance-related grievance, and others, and customers and partners are also encouraged to submit their grievances.

Promotion of diversity

ISU PETASYS strives to create a healthy workplace where diversity is respected and discriminations against race, age, gender, and disability are all prohibited. The company has included the prohibition of discrimination in the human rights and labor polices and also clarified that in the pledge to respect human rights so that employees are not illegally discriminated against. In addition, the company guarantees equal opportunities by giving preferential treatment to the underprivileged during the recruitment process.

Employee Benefits Application

ISU PETASYS developed an application for employee benefits, informing benefits, swift time table, partnership stores offering discount, etc. In addition, ISU PETASYS operates mobile hotline to gather the voices of internal stakeholders and prevent corruption and bribery.

Social dialogue

ISU PETASYS ensures freedom of association and promotes social dialogue among employees to create a culture of mutual cooperation between labor and management. Based on this mutual cooperation, labor and management frequently exchange their opinions through ‘Collective Bargaining’, ‘Labor and Management Council’, ‘Labor and Management Safety and Health Committee’, and ‘Labor and Management Personnel Subcommittee’, and the results are reflected on the improvement of working environments and conditions. Furthermore, labor and management jointly adopted a declaration of socially responsible management, spreading the culture of mutual cooperation across society in the forms of human-oriented management, local economic revitalization, and local job creation.

Talent training

To secure business competitiveness and promote sustainable growth, ISU PETASYS focuses on strengthening employee competency by conducting specialized training on leadership, jobs, and global business practices. Employees of each job group and position are provided with customized training on their jobs: each class is given a sense of duty for their roles; training on leadership is offered as part of the curriculum that helps employees prepare for their future roles; and self-learning culture is created to improve expertise.